Las Vegas Homes and How to Sell them.

Selling Las Vegas Homes can be a successful process if you know how. If you are interested in selling a Las Vegas home you will want to use a professional Las Vegas Sales agent like Chris LaHaie. We all know that Las Vegas has its share of “deals” and “specials” that can lead us to believe that we are getting a bargain but when selling a Las Vegas Home you want to look for value. Chris has nearly 20 years of experience navigating the home selling process. He can guide you through the maze of short sales and equity sales while making sure you obtain the best of all possible outcomes.
There will always be the issue of pricing when you list your Las Vegas Home for sale. Chris is an expert at getting you the most for your home in a reasonable amount of time. If you want the fastest sale you often will be sacrificing on price. One knock against Las Vegas Real Estate Professionals is that they just push for the fastest sale in the least amount of time. However, the ultimate goal is to get the highest price in a reasonable amount of time, not the fastest sale time. Selling a home in one day may not be the best for a home seller. If you take a few weeks to a month to advertise and show the property, you could be getting a better price or even generate multiple offers. Once enough interest is generated for your property you will know if the price is right. If you have had no offers after the first month, it will be time to adjust the price but if you have an offer the first day at full price it is a good sign you may have priced the property too low.
Chris LaHaie can help you price your home to sell not to give it away. His goal is to provide you the best possible service while protecting your interests and your money. Often his superior negotiating skills will save thousands of dollars for his clients. If you are selling a Las Vegas Home do what is in your best interest and call Chris LaHaie today and get a free evaluation. He can assess your needs and create plan specifically to allow you to reach your short and long term goals.
Don’t miss your window of opportunity to sell in this short term seller’s market. Call Chris today at 702-338-8526


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