Sell A Home In Las Vegas, Short Sale or Traditional Sale.

It is true that many people may not want to sell their home in Las Vegas due to current market conditions, however, many people have to sell.  If you have to sell or want to sell either as a short sale or a traditional sale you will be well served to find a professional and honest Realtor.  Many  people have had problems with a real estate agents but there are excellent sales people in the business that will be represent you well and protect your interests. 

One of the most common complaints people have when selling their home is that Realtors always want to price the house as low as possible to have a quick and easy sale.  It is unfortunate that some agents do look at the business in such a short sighted way because it makes for a stereo type.  The reality is that the job of a Realtor and real estate agent is to sell a home in a reasonable amount of time at the best possible price.  An agent’s job is not to manage a fire sale for a homeowner, even though this is how many people view all Realtors.  An agent is supposed to put the interest of the homeowner first and find a reasonable price that will attract qualified buyers.  But the truth is that the homeowner has the final say in the price and terms of their sale.  If you are represented by someone you trust will protect your interests you will likely be willing to follow their advice as to price and terms but ultimately a real estate agent works for you, not against you.  If you experience something other than high quality service and dedication then it is time to look for another sales person.  Better yet just be very careful choosing an agent when considering the sale of your home in Las Vegas.

Chris LaHaie Realtor
List with Chris
Prudential Americana Group
All of Las Vegas, NV


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