Avoid being Scammed during Foreclosure

Everyone that may be going through foreclosure or who is considering a short sale needs to be very careful. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous Realtors to approach people who are in foreclosure with an offer to connect them with a buyer who is already in love with their home and who is willing to buy immediately. It is a common ploy by Realtors and it is one of the ways real estate agents get a bad reputation.

The truth is more likely that the Realtor does not have a buyer but just wants you to sign a listing contract for 6 or 12 months. For some reason most Realtors believe it is better to lie than to be honest in their desperation to procure a listing.

I was recently told a story by one client that reflects the marketplace reality in Las Vegas. A realtor approached the homeowner with a story of a buyer who already wanted to buy the house. The spoke as if the deal was cut and dried. The “buyer” was in love with the house, the area and the were loaded with cash.

The truth was that there was no real buyer and there was no real ability make for a quick sale. It was all a ploy get a listing. It is a despicable thing done by Realtors and their associates to try and take advantage of people in need of honest, useful advice.

I have never understood the need of Realtors or investors to lie to homeowners. There are plenty of people that need honest, reliable help. It is not necessary to trick people to get business or to make money. Honesty is always the way to success, wealth and happiness. There are very few people who gain success through nefarious means. And certainly if gain is made through dishonesty it is surely will not be long lived.

How do you find the honest people in business and real estate? It is not easy but if you trust your instincts and your intuition it will help. Also remember that a little education goes a long way when it comes to avoiding the scams of the day. 

Chris LaHaie Realtor
List with Chris
Prudential Americana Group,
Las Vegas, NV


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