Who do you want selling your home?

It is interesting to find out that many people think a prospecting Realtor, that being a Realtor that is cold calling or calling around their listings daily, is an agent that is either new or hurting for business.  Actually the reality is that the prospecting agents are the professionals working to provide the best service to their clients.  Just the fact that they are working hard to generate new business sets the tone for the service they provide to their clients. 

Prospecting is part of the daily routine for professional sales people and Realtors.  Generating leads always helps create sales and it is good business. When you are shopping for a Realtor and happen to get a call from an agent looking for business don’t be so sure they are not the best.

After over 18 years in business I still prospecting over the phone just as I did when I began my career way back when in the 90’s.  Today in Las Vegas and Henderson, it is much harder to find equity sellers but the numbers can be tracked just the same.  It is very predictable and predictability is what a true professional wants to have because it is the only way to measure the pay rate and value of their time at the end of the year. 

The prospecting agents are the professionals that are working hard daily to get better and better results.

Check out a new Henderson listing at 2814 Via Avanti Street.  89074

Chris LaHaie
Prudential Americana Group, Las Vegas and Henderson, NV


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